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Here you will find a list of all of the delicious pizza we have available. Please select from the list below to view the different pizzas & pricing in each range.

Gluten Free: Gluten free bases are available here at Bambinos Too. Only pizzas marked with the gluten free icon can be made 100% gluten free. Please request these when ordering as normal pizza bases are not gluten free and some ingredients will need to be substituted. Cabanossi and Beef are not gluten free and wont be on any gluten free pizza. The pizza base itself only comes in one size which is in between a regular and a large, approximately 11".

Bocconcini, Basil & Tomato

Slices of bocconcini, fresh tomato & basil on a crushed tomato base


Tomato base, calabrese salami, roast red capsicum, sliced tomato & basil


Tomato base with diced tomato, spanish onion, eggplant, kalamata olives and fetta cheese


Ham, cabanossi, pepperoni, beef & bacon

Cheese & Tomato

Tomato base with mozzarella

Eastern Lamb

Slices of herb encrusted rare roast lamb served on a bed of hommus, spanish onion & fresh tomato


Chicken, onion, mushroom & bacon

Funghi al Aglio

Tomato base, garlic, sliced button mushrooms, porcini mushrooms & provolone

Gourmet Veg

Fresh diced tomato, basil, garlic, roast red capsicum, artichoke hearts, parmesan cheese & kalamata olives

Greek Lamb

Slices of herb encrusted rare roast lamb served on a bed of cheese, pine nuts, baby spinach, sliced tomato & fetta cheese.

Kids Bacon

Tomato base, bacon & cheese

Kids Cheese

Tomato base with cheese

Kids Ham

Tomato base, ham & cheese

Kids Ham and Mushroom

Ham & mushroom

Kids Meat Monster

Ham, cabanossi, beef & bacon

Kids Tropicana

Ham & pineapple


Tomato base, fresh basil, bocconcini & mozzarella
Take Away: R $15 L $20


Seafood mix & garlic on a tomato base


Ham, pepperoni, onion, capsicum, mushroom & olives


Tomato base, basil, chilli, olives & anchovies


Tomato base, pancetta, basil & provolone

Pancetta E Patate

Slices of potato with spanish onion, pancetta, rosemary & parmesan cheese

Patate con Parmigiano

Sliced potato & rosemary on a bed of parmesan & mozzarella


Pepperoni with green capsicum (optional)

Prawn Perfection

Prawns, mushroom & garlic

Prosciutto & Spinach

Tomato base, prosciutto, provolone & baby spinach

Prosciutto E Fichi

Tomato base with prosciutto, chopped figs, fresh rocket & parmesan

Satay Chicken

Chicken served on a bed of satay sauce with chopped shallots & red capsicum (broccoli no longer available)


Chicken served on a bed of pesto and pine nuts with baby spinach and fetta cheese


Ham, cabanossi, onion, capsicum, mushroom, pineapple, olives and anchovies (optional)

Tandoori Chicken

Slices chicken coated in a tandoori marinade with spanish onion, red capsicum & minted yoghurt

Tandoori Lamb

Slices of herb encrusted rare lamb coated in a tandoori marinade with spanish onion, red capsicum & minted yoghurt

Thai Chilli Chicken

Chicken on a bed of medium sweet chilli sauce, chopped shallots, red caps, coriander & basil

Thai Chilli Prawn

Farmed baby tiger prawns in a medium sweet chilli sauce with chopped shallots, red capsicum, coriander & basil


Ham, pepperoni, bacon, garlic, oregano & extra cheese


Ham & pineapple


Onion, capsicum, mushroom, pineapple & olives