Kids Pizzas

  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian
  • Nuts
  • Thin Base

Kids Pizzas are the perfect size for one child. Approximately the size of a CD, these individual pizzas will stop the kids fighting over the last slice.
These pizzas only come in what is listed below and there are no half-halfs or thins sorry.

  • Takeaway:
  • 6": $9.00
    • Dine In:
    • 6": $10.00

Kids Bacon

Tomato base, bacon & cheese

Kids Cheese

Tomato base with cheese

Kids Ham

Tomato base, ham & cheese

Kids Ham and Mushroom

Ham & mushroom

Kids Meat Monster

Ham, cabanossi, beef & bacon

Kids Tropicana

Ham & pineapple