Traditional Pizzas

  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian
  • Nuts
  • Thin Base

Our traditional pizzas are made the way they are made back in the old country. Lighter on the cheese and made on your traditional thin base, this allows the true flavours of the meats, cheeses and vegetables to shine through. These pizzas are all about the flavours that, if you were in Italy, you may be tasting.
Most Pizzas come with tomato base, check the description as some come with a cheese base. Sorry no half-halfs or Families.

  • Takeaway:
  • Regular 9": $19.00
  • Large 12": $25.00
  • Family 14": $32.00
  • Gluten Free: $28.00

  • Dine-in:
  • Regular 9": $21.00
  • Large 12": $28.00
  • Family 14”: $35.00
  • Gluten Free: $30.00


Tomato base, calabrese salami, roast red capsicum, sliced tomato & basil

Funghi al Aglio

Tomato base, garlic, sliced button mushrooms, porcini mushrooms & provolone


Tomato base, fresh basil, bocconcini & mozzarella
Take Away: R $15 L $20


Tomato base, basil, chilli, olives & anchovies


Tomato base, pancetta, basil & provolone

Pancetta E Patate

Slices of potato with spanish onion, pancetta, rosemary & parmesan cheese

Patate con Parmigiano

Sliced potato & rosemary on a bed of parmesan & mozzarella

Prosciutto & Spinach

Tomato base, prosciutto, provolone & baby spinach

Prosciutto E Fichi

Tomato base with prosciutto, chopped figs, fresh rocket & parmesan